Née:Octobre 09, 1992


Couleur des yeux :hazel

Couleur des cheveux :brown

Taille:5'4" | 163cm

Bonnet :34A (US)| 75B (EU)

Tour de taille :28 | 71

Hanches :38 | 97

Pointure:6 | 36

Derniers Commentaires
  • What a beautiful girl! We definitely need to see more of her.


    il y a 1 mois

  • please more sets of her. She is hot


    il y a 2 ans

  • I cant even favorite or bother watching or downloading any videos with too much anal. Or all anal!!! Some people my enjoy doing it. But you cant say watching it is sexy!


    il y a 2 ans

  • Good Im glad you don't like anal!!! Hopefully more like you will put a stop to.. well filming it in porn! I have yet to find it at all sexy to watch. Theres nothing sexy about it. Watchin the vagina is tops!! entirely anal


    il y a 2 ans

  • beautiful, more please


    il y a 3 ans